Some vintage lenses are rare, some are Ultra rare like the Prototype Helios- 65, a lens that was produces in 1965 in Kiev.
this Soviet Lens is so rare that it's mount is not available on the market for adapting it on any camera.
One smart guy made a DIY version that he sell on eBay for almost 200$ ... thats way too expensive for me ... so after some long researches i found this amazing man who made a 3D model of the Kiev 10-15 mount that i need to get for mounting on my Mirrorless camera.
I downloaded for free the 3D model and 3D printed it ... and it worked perfectly.
The 65 is a smaller version of the Helios 44-2 who is famous for it's swirly bokeh, but  ... oH boy this 65 is way better ... the swirl are so strong and the center of the image is so sharp.
Finding this lens is like finding a treasure.