Kipronar 120mm f1.9

The Carl Zeiss Kipronar 120mm f1.9 is a projector lens, it was never ment to take photos, but with a little work and research i adapted it to my mirrorless full frame camera with a DIY adapter.
this lens is incredibly sharp in the center and have an amazing swirly bokeh on the borders, making it a perfect fit for portrait photography and videos.
It's a cheap lens ( right now ) but don't let it fool you, you need to be extremely good at manual focusing, and be a focus master to make this monster work: 
- it's heavy as hell
- there is no aperture sur you shoot all the time @ F1.9
- the focus helicoid is at the base of the lens, not at the tip.
- @ F1.9 it's extremely hard to get the focus right on video.

the modern equivalent of this lens doesn't even exist, but the closest i found is the $ 6000 Leica APO-Macro-Summarit-S F2.5/120mm ... so my 70$ solution is way more interesting, right ?

please don't ask me in the comments where is the amazon link to buy it ... it's a vintage lens, it's not produced anymore and it's rare ! so look on ebay, look everywhere but there is no easy short way to find it.

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