Photo Gadgets I Like #1

New kind of Posts on my Blog, i just wanted to give a shout at some cool and smart Photo Products i found online.

#1 Personalized USB Sticks

When you are a photographer you need a lot of storage space, and you also need to give some files to your clients, for weddings, for models, for portraits ... you can send them by a Wetransfer mail ... or you can use the more classy way and give your clients a unique souvenir that will make them remember you long after the shoot.

I received 25 wooden USB keys, 8GB each from USB Memory Direct  and they just look so awesome, they engraved my logo in the wood with lasers

you can choose your own design and customize it with your own logo, i personally love the wooden designed, thats really something i would recommend to make a good first impression to a client.

photo-02-12-2016-16-33-17 photo-02-12-2016-16-33-38 photo-02-12-2016-16-33-55 photo-02-12-2016-16-34-08

#2 Photographer's Wallet

this cool Kickstarter wallet Design was sent to me for a review

i like how thin the wallet is and how smart it can be, you can transform it to just carry what you really need, and there is a Mini SD card slot for your drone or your action camera.



#3 A7 II Eyecup

I just received this cool Eyecup for my A7II , this one rotate and has a SQUARE hole ... not like all the other eyecups that have some round hole ... that remove part of the image. your screen is rectangular not round am i right ?

also this one was 10 euros VS the 35 euros asked for the sony official eyecup.



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