140 Year Old Lens On A Red Cinema Camera (4k)

It's been a dream for me to adapt a century old lens on a the highest technology available and see how the image would look.
I used a lens i love and that was made 140 years ago, 10 years before the Eiffel tower started to be built, a lens that was one of the first to have an internal Iris.
I had to find a way to use a Cinema Camera, so i teamed up with Paul Ménagé, a French Movie producer who helped me shoot the video with his 15 000$ RED camera that can record 5K.
After some tests, i found the best way to adapt the lens on the camera and the first image that appeared on the screen was mind blowing.
We did some test footage in the forest and in the dark with the talented Naomi and the incredible Fire Samurai Morgane.

Some photos of the shoot and Behind the Scene :


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Paul short film : Without saying good bye

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Animations by  : http://www.vincentfollezou.com

B Roll footage assistant : 
Petros Barbas