Shooting a Video with a 1880 Lens

I love Lenses .... i mean i am obsessed with them, but i also like weird stuff, so naturally i mixed the two and wanted to experiment. Why just focusing on the ultra expensive electronic lenses when you can do incredible things with just old glass ...

the glass is the key to image beauty, not the internal motors.

I am happy to announce the launch of a new web-serie about lens test  " The Weird Lens Challenge "... but not any kind of lens, we will focus only on the weird ones , the old, the crazy ones that you can mount on a mirrorless camera.

For this episode we will teste a 1880 large format camera lens, one of the first lens with internal iris



After mounting it with some cardboard pieces to keep it tightly blocked in a m42 macro tube, and then screw it on different macro m42 tubes and to a m42 helicoidal ring that was screwed to a M42 to Nex Adaptor ring then to the Sony A7II , the lens was able to focus.

The Lens is incredibly sharp for a 136 years old simple metallic lens, from my test it's even sharper than most of my modern canon lenses, the results are amazing ... but it also gives some strange lens flares and light leaks that are pretty dreamy ( some would say it's horrible )

Check the video for the results.

So does it takes good photos too ?

Here are some exemples of what the lens mounting is giving for photos.

( click on the photos to see bigger version )

SOOOOO sharp ...



Pretty clean for a portrait lens



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Thanks To Janina for posing.

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